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Is Cloud Computing Just Hype?

It has been several years since the iPod launched and we all became familiar with the buzzwords cloud computing, cloud-based entertainment and cloud-based technology. However, just like with any mantra, the mere fact that it’s repeated a lot doesn’t necessarily mean that people actually know what it means and more importantly doesn’t mean they can […]

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Microsoft Increases SkyDrive Pro Storage Limits

As we mentioned earlier in a separate post, Microsoft, for all its problems under Steve Ballmer’s administration has some bright spots. One of those bright spots is cloud computing initiative. Office 365 which involves migrating the old local hardware-based software to the crowd has been registering several wins and is showing quite a remarkable traction. […]

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Hostgator keeps going down like an LA porn star

If you don’t know anything about Hostgator or don’t know what it is consider yourself lucky. For the rest of us mortals who host our websites on Hostgator, the past couple of weeks had been quite an ordeal. Hostgator , lucky or not, is one of the largest website hosts on the planet. We’re talking […]

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