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Target Data Breach Origin Identified

As we have reported earlier, the huge retail chain, Target, was hit hard by hackers. Hackers stole millions of customers credit card information. In fact, the theft was so thorough that a lot of concern was raised regarding the eventual illegal usage of these credit cards. At the very least, many target customers were inconvenience […]

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2013 was a Lousy Year for Hackers

The essence of being a hacker is that, you are able to hide your tracks, you are able to blend in to the digital noise of the greater internet and evade capture. Well, at least that’s the romantic image of the hacker. Also, according to popular media, a hacker is usually a young kid often […]

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NSA iPhone Malware Detailed

According to a report in the German newspaper Der Spiegel, the NSA’s elite TAO hacker unit can target your iPhone. No big surprises here. We already know the extensive reach of the NSA. What’s the big deal? Well, actually, if you read the details, it’s enough to scare the piss out of you. How bad […]

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Yahoo Ads Expose Users To Malware Attack

As we have mentioned several times here before, a lot of hacking and spyware groups are using vulnerabilities with certain websites to spread Trojans and other malware. Typically, the system works this way: A person goes to a compromised website and not being known that his or her browser downloads an innocent seeming piece of […]

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