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Windows 7 rc as botmasters bait

The mania on the soon-to-be launched Windows 7 is taken advantage of by cyber criminals.  A pirated version of Windows 7 Release Candidate is currently circulating.  But the issue is not only piracy — the pirated Windows 7 RC is actually infected with a Trojan horse that establishes a botnet. What the botnet in the […]

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10 ways to avoid getting your computer compromised

The internet is a source of endless possibilities in terms of information, entertainment and communication. In recent years, however, it has become more and more obvious that unfortunately there are also numerous possibilities of getting your computer compromised using the internet. Identity theft, viruses, and spyware are the very worst consequences one can suffer from […]

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A look at internet users password routines

With the great number of online transactions that are being executed on a daily basis, it is of the utmost importance to have the safest password possible. Passwords that are easily found out run the risk of making personal information available to people who might have criminal intentions. That no one is safe from security […]

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What are trojan horses

Trojan Horses are malware (malicious software) that pretend to have a beneficial effect to your computer system, but, in truth, only intends to cause more harm. This malware would open your computer to viruses and hackers alike. Unlike computer viruses, Trojans have no capacity to replicate. However, they still can cause serious damage on your […]

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