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As reported in december Target was hit by some sort of hacker attack where credit card information was leeched by 3rd party, the dust is starting to settle and another picture is showing itself.

The Target Hacking Meltdown Continues

As we’ve reported earlier, the huge American chain department store, Target, became a victim of a hacker attack and this was hardly an isolated incident. Target, along with Neiman-Marcus chain stores, is just a couple of the stores that were a part of a large-scale hacking operation. It appears that bits and pieces of this […]

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Obama Lays Out NSA Reform Plan

Although President Obama did not say that the NSA’s activity will be shut down or will be greatly limited, he did say that there will be key reforms. One key reform regarding NSA activities is that the NSA will stop spying on America’s allies. As we have reported earlier, America was put into a particularly […]

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Chrome’s Achilles Heel: Extensions

Make no mistake about it. Google Chrome is one of the best browsers you could ever install on your computer. If you want to browse the internet very quickly, Chrome can deliver. If you’re looking for a browser that is widely supported by lots of plug-ins that allow you to do everything from taking screen […]

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Microsoft Twitter Account Hacked

What do you have when the Twitter account of one of the biggest software corporations on the face of the planet issues a tweet instructing you not to read Microsoft emails? Very simple. The account got hacked. Thanks to the Syrian Electronic Army, Microsoft’s official Twitter account, Microsoft News got hit. Not only did the […]

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