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How To Better Avoid Online Fraud

Imagination is the Limit When it comes to defrauding people online, the only limit is the imagination of the would-be fraudster. The ways of defrauding people vary widely and these different fraud schemes target differing classes of users. User class varies based on particular user’s activities online. The same user might fall into differing user […]

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Logo of Wikipedia the Encyklopedia

How to use Wikipedia more Effectively

Wikipedia the most Popular Reference Site Wikipedia is the number one open encyclopedia on the internet because of its popularity and strength. It is by default one of the most frequently used reference sites on the internet. However popular it may be, this doesn’t necessarily mean that it is 100% accurate or 100% credible. Because […]

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How To Manage Your Internet Time More Effectively

Internet and Easy Access to Information Like it or not, the internet is a powerful time waster for both personal time and work time. Everyone knows the power of the internet has in terms of information storage, research and entertainment. It really has changed the way the world gets information, interacts with information and processes […]

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Formatting Tips and Information when creating an E-book

Smartphones and E-books Originally, e-books were considered the red headed stepchild of electronic publishing. It really occupied no man’s land between publication ready files and hard copy. It was a format that was relegated to something that you would use just for email attachments or quick downloads. Now with the rise of smart phones, e-books […]

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New Methods for Old Identity Theft Scams

Online Identity Theft in New Clothings When it comes to online identity theft, the old saying of “the more things change the more they stay the same” is very appropriate. While the scam remains the same: which is to get your personal information to perpetuate financial crimes, as technology evolved, the methods have changed. Old […]

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WordPress Malware Resource Page and How to Keep your Blog Protected

There are two ways to publish a blog: free hosted blog publishing network like or installing blogging software on your own server under your own domain name (‘standalone blog publishing’). The WordPress blog publishing platform (“WP”) is quickly growing to be the industry standard for standalone blog publishing. By WordPress’ own estimates, over 22 […]

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