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Using Press Releases to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

Believe it or not, there are quite a lot of similarities between blogging and press releases. Both generally involve periodic or episodic postings and blog posts can be oriented towards news or periodic items. Given this similarity, press releases are great companion pieces to blog posts. By their nature, press releases involve announcements and what […]

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How to Turn Search Keywords into High-Quality Content

If you have been following our series so far, we have stepped you through the process of identifying topics that you are very passionate about, researching these topics’ keywords, filtering them based on commercial value and potential traffic, and using WordPress as a blogging platform. We are only halfway through. Even if you have found […]

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How to Use Your Competition for Market Research

Aikido is one of the most effective forms of martial arts currently available. Aikido uses your opponent’s motions against him. If somebody lunges towards you and their center of gravity shifts a certain way, you just manipulate and re-direct their center of gravity so that they fall. Interestingly enough, aikido’s principles also apply to blogging. […]

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Self-Assessment Guide for Successful Blogging

This is the first article in an eight-part series that applies systems and strategies to blogging for maximum success and effectiveness. Just like with any other project or other undertaking in life, your chances of success are higher if you pursue your goal with both a system and a strategy. If either of these elements […]

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Amazon Shopping Guide was one of the few big successes of the Web 1.0/ Dot Com Boom of the late 90′s and early 2000′s. As you are probably aware, there was quite a bit of an economic slow down at the early part of the decade because of the crash of all these first wave internet companies. […]

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Ebay Shopping Guide

Founded in 1995, eBay originally started when a Bay area programmer wanted a way to help his wife sell her candy dispenser collection. This little hobby project quickly grew into a multibillion dollar empire. Mention the name “eBay” and you are mentioning one of the most popular brands online. On a daily basis, millions of […]

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Online Shopping Safety Tips

Whether you are shopping for the holiday seasons, a special birthday gift, or just trying to get deals online, you would do well to keep the following tips in mind. As e-commerce has exploded, the opportunities for scams, ripoffs, and general disappointments online have become rife. There are many horror stories of people ordering products […]

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