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Parents guide to protecting their children from online bullies

Everyone remembers schoolyard bullies or bully “gangs” at school who verbally and physically abuse smaller or vulnerable kids. As the Internet permeates all aspects of its users’ lives, this ugly reality of many school experiences is quickly moving onto the digital world. Wherever teens congregate online, their offline behaviors are sure to follow. Internet bullying […]

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Ethical Affiliate Marketing Guidelines

We have already discussed how unethical or parasitic affiliate marketing works, and now let us outline some key elements in ethical affiliate marketing. The bottom line of ethical affiliate marketing is to build value. It is all about value. A common ethical standard for content value exists What is value? Some shady marketers would say […]

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How to Balance MMORPG Time and Real Life

Let’s face it: MMORPGs can easily take over your life. They are very addictive. What is not to like? MMORPGs offer a fantasy world where none of the irritations and hassles of real life creep in. There may be politics with other players. There may be slight issues, but those are issues that go away […]

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Overcoming MMORPG Addiction

Have you ever missed work or any important appointments because you went out of the house too late due to too many hours playing MMORPGs? Do you often feel irritable when you are not in front of a screen playing your favorite MMORPG? Are your short tempered? Do you lose focus quickly? Are you often […]

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How Not to Get Victimized by MMORPG Scams and Hackers

Just like anything else online, MMORPGs have their share of scams, hackings, and security risks. This is just part of online life. Whenever there is sensitive information involved and sensitive data being sent through the internet, there will always be an opportunity for scams and hacks. MMORPGs are not protected from this sad reality. Even […]

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How to Make Money with MMORPGs

Imagine that you are sitting in your pajamas, looking at your computer and thumbing through a thick stack of $100 bills. Does this sound like an infomercial to you? Does it sound like one of those get rich quick type of schemes that you see in late night TV or in small ads all over […]

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