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Circa Mobile App Makes News Easier

One of the problems with most news apps is that they tend to blast you with lots of news in a small amount of space. Since your mobile device, whether it’s a smart phone or a tablet, only has so much space to play with. The whole experience feels pretty much like trying to take […]

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HTC and Nokia To Bury the Patent Hatchet

You don’t have to be a constant reader of this blog to know that tech companies, especially hardware companies, go to court frequently over patent disputes. The way the patent system is set up currently, it’s very easy to step on somebody’s intellectual property toast. In fact, it’s almost inevitable. You can even come up […]

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Instagram Blew Up in 2013

A lot of people broke their necks when Facebook announced that it was buying Instagram, a 13 person company, for 1 billion dollars. This was right around the time Facebook became a public company. Well, it appears that that move wasn’t so crazy after all. Instagram is just blowing up in terms of users. It […]

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