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2014 will be Yahoo’s Mobile Year

Whether you are a Yahoo shareholder or not, there is a lot to be excited about in 2014. Yahoo brought on its CEO, Marissa Mayer, with lots of high hopes. Yahoo had a lot of catching uop to do. This internet pioneer has been directionalist for the past few years. Thanks to its decline during […]

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Yahoo Finally Adopts SSL Mail Standard

As the old saying goes, better late than never and this definitely applies to Yahoo now that it has adopted the Secure Sockets Layer security standard or SSL for its Yahoo Mail. Previously, Yahoo did not use SSL and Yahoo Mail could be easily hacked. SSL encrypts webmail as information shuttles back and forth between […]

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Yahoogroups drama dies down

One of Yahoo’s oldest acquisitions, Yahoo Groups, experienced quite a bit of drama as reported earlier. The drama centered on the changes to Yahoo Group’s functionality. If you are a user of Yahoo Groups, you probably have fallen in love with the old interface, though it may look like it was designed in the year […]

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