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Gmail Making Email Migration Hassle Free

It would be a great deal better if one moves to another email provider than to endure the dissatisfaction brought by one’s current provider.  For those who are planning to migrate from other email providers, such as Yahoo!, Hotmail, and AOL, and from ISPs like Verizon, Comcast, Earthlink, to Gmail, there is no need to […]

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Former Yahoo Exec Now New OpenX Head

OpenX announced early this April their new CEO in Tim Cadogan.  Cadogan was a former senior vice president for Yahoo! for its ad department.  Cadogan brings in his five-year experience of managing ads for the search engine company to OpenX.  The arrival of Cadogan is part of some changes that OpenX has for its company, […]

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Is Google Controlling the Way We Surf?

There is the idea that Google has become so large that it has been synonymous to Internet surfing itself.  As Google is the search engine of choice for a large percentage of Internet users, it does not seem strange to think that Google has been influencing the way we surf the web greatly.  Connected to […]

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Is twitter just a fad

There have been speculations that the fast rise to Internet stardom of Twitter may be actually bad for Twitter itself—that all those millions of subscriptions would go as they came.  The reason?  As with most things that popular culture has bestowed its favor upon, it rarely lasts for long.  Though Twitter may be dominating cyberspace […]

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What’s Behind Google’s Outage?

Days ago, some users have been affected by outages in several of Google’s services.  According to McAfee, the problem was caused by an upgrade inside Google.  Google claimed, however, that it was Asia’s fault.  But the real reason why the system failed has not been disclosed. The impact of the Google outage The widespread outages […]

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How do i most efficiently fight email spam

Contrary to what some people believe, an email spam is also a serious threat to your computer just like viruses and malware. The bulk of emails that you receive can cause confusion and disturbance. This can also distract you and make you lose a portion of your precious time in the process. However, these are […]

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Everything you want to know about email spam

Also known as junk email, email spam involves various identical unsolicited emails sent to a list of email addresses. Although there is a law against the sending of spam, there are still companies that advertises their products by spamming. This is not surprising given that this method is cost-effective; with just a small amount, you […]

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A look at internet users password routines

With the great number of online transactions that are being executed on a daily basis, it is of the utmost importance to have the safest password possible. Passwords that are easily found out run the risk of making personal information available to people who might have criminal intentions. That no one is safe from security […]

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Biography of Entrepreneur Jerry Yang

One of the men who etched their names in the hall of entrepreneurs is Jerry Yang. He created the Yahoo! navigational guide together with David Filo in 1994, and co-founded the Yahoo! Inc the following year. Yahoo! is one of the leading Internet brands, with the most traffic networks on the Internet. Jerry Yang was […]

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Biography of bill gates the philanthropist

If you have billions in your bank accounts, what would you do? Being aware of how the the majority of the people live and getting involved in their lives, is Bill Gates’ answer. Though more known as one of the richest men on earth, Bill Gates is not only a business magnate, but also a […]

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