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The Rise of Native Advertising

For the longest time, online advertising has been built on a disruption model. The disruption model is very easy to explain. You are reading a web page, and you are enjoying the content, and then you see an ad that is designed in a way to catch your eye. In other words, the ad is […]

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Pinterest Activates GIFs on Boards

GIFs are one of those things on the Internet that you either hate or love. There is almost no middle ground. Either you like those animated GIFs of Nicholas Cage laughing that people post when they try to laugh at somebody else’s forum post, or you cringe every time you see it. GIFs can pack […]

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Will Facebook Die by 2017?

To paraphrase the legendary American comic writer, mark Twain, the news of Facebook’s death is greatly exaggerated. Usually when academic powerhouses like Princeton, Harvard and Yale release academic papers, the world stops and listens. That’s due to the fact that these institutions are highly credible and very well-respected in all circles. Be that as it […]

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Revenge Porn Site Admin Arrested

Revenge porn is one of the hottest trends in on-line porn. While traditional prepackaged and home-made amateur porn are the standard fare of people looking for flesh on-line, revenge porn brings extra spice to the table. Revenge porn is when an x-boyfriend gets embarrassing nude photos or hardcore photos of their former girlfriends and shares […]

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Social Media in a Nation of Serial Switchers

If you thought people had short attention spans regarding your website, you haven’t seen anything yet. That same shortness of attention and fickleness extends to how people spend their money on-line. Modern on-line consumers easily jump from one brand to another. Online customers are very very hard to satisfy if you’re going to judge satisfaction […]

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