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Is the SmartWatch the Next Frontier For Wearable Wireless?

A lot of people are obviously justifiably excited about the prospect of wearable wireless. After all, this technology allows people to collect information regardless of what they are on the planet. More importantly, they can sort this information through the powerful software resources of the internet and access different pools of data to come up […]

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Will Game Consoles Ever Die?

If you play on the Xbox or the Playstation 4, you’d probably be surprised to learn that, at one point in history, game consoles died off. Seriously, there was a point in time where people who bought game consoles to play games in their living rooms stopped buying those consoles. This happened in the 1980s […]

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Are Mobile Devices Destroying The American Family?

Any social unit thrives when people communicate with each other, when people are cohesive and they pay attention to each other. The big fear of many social conservatives and social observers is that the proliferation of mobile devices such as phones and tablets are cutting in to the way people interact and get along with […]

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Can Apple break out of the luxury product ghetto?

Just how much hard-earned recession-era money would people part with just so they can proudly open (preferably in a starbucks or some other popular public place) a gadget with a lid that has the silhouette of a popular fruit item? This is the question many tech industry observers are asking as quarterly sales figures continue […]

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Google Glass: Beyond the Hype and Promise

We’ve been talking on these pages about how powerful iPhones and the whole mobile revolution has been. It’s amazing that it’s only been six short years since the first iPhone debuted and now billions of people have smartphones and we live in an increasingly wireless world where data is collected from the real world and […]

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