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Is E-commerce Coming To Twitter?

One of the biggest concerns that investors were regarding to Twitter’s IPO boils down to dollars and cents. Where’s the money gonna come from? Twitter is basically another ad-funded social network site. Big deal, says many investors. Still, its stock is still high up there and a lot of people are wondering when the stock […]

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Paypal Makes Checkouts much Easier

Don’t you hate it when you go to online store and you pick out a particular product, you’re excited to buy the product, then you click to the checkout page? Once getting to the checkout page, you see that Paypal is an option. You click on the Paypal button but instead of processing your order […]

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A Dead Bitcoin is a Good Bitcoin

Bitcoins and cryptocurrency, in general, have been in the news a lot lately. Sadly, a lot of these news is often negative news. We know that bitcoins are used to buy illegal pornography like child pornography. It’s also used to buy illegal drugs online. Increasingly, bitcoins have been associated with illegal online activity. Be that […]

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Lazada Gets $250 Million In Funding

Lazada is dubbed as the “” of Asia. This is quite a big ambition for such a company based in Singapore, this company has been buying up tons of ads in southeast Asia and is really getting to get a massive amount of media exposure in all the markets that it is a player in. […]

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BloomNation Raises $1.56M

BloomNation is a very interesting startup. It is a commerce platform where people looking to buy flowers can buy directly from florists and floral designers. You’re probably thinking at this point that you should stop right here because 1-800-FLORIST and other similar services already exist. That is precisely Bloom Nation was founded. A lot of […]

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