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Hybrid Cloud Management Hosting Launched by ScaleXtreme

Companies with as many as 400 servers and virtual machines running internally and on public clouds can benefit from a centrally hosted management tool from ScaleXtreme, Inc., a leading cloud-based software management company. The hosted service starts this Tuesday. A limited version has been offered by the Palo Alto based ScaleXtreme for some time now. […]

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Image of IBM PCM Memory

100 Times Write Performance Computer NAND Memory breakthrough from IBM

Computer memory technology gets a breakthrough that can usher solid state chips to be developed to store the same volumes as NAND flash technology but enjoying 100 times write performance and significantly longer lifespans. This was announced by computer giant IBM this Thursday. Today, NAND flash technology in memory products like your compact flash drives […]

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Image of Macbook Air

MacBook Air Positioned as Apple’s New Flagship Mac

The MacBook is Apple’s past and the MacBook Air is its future. This truism couldn’t be more evident than with the recent updates going into the next iteration of the company’s ultimate Mac computer expected to run the next generation Mac operating system, the OS X Lion. Industry pundits have observed that the Cupertino company […]

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Image of the spacebook gscreen product

Dual-Screen Spacebook from GScreen Gets a Production Date

In the world of laptops, dual-screen monitors are not exactly an industry standard.  Still, that hasn’t stopped companies from producing such portable, multiple-screen laptop goodness.  One such company is gScreen.  Although the name may not be as familiar to you as Asus, Dell, or Lenovo, gScreen’s chief designer and founder is looking to change that […]

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Fighting XP Pro Piracy WGA Notifications

As a recent addition to Microsoft’s fight against software piracy, the company just released a new version of their WGA update.  This new version is designed to thoroughly check the software version and activation keys of Windows XP Pro for counterfeit or stolen product keys.  Since XP Pro is the Windows version that’s a favorite […]

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10 ways to avoid getting your computer compromised

The internet is a source of endless possibilities in terms of information, entertainment and communication. In recent years, however, it has become more and more obvious that unfortunately there are also numerous possibilities of getting your computer compromised using the internet. Identity theft, viruses, and spyware are the very worst consequences one can suffer from […]

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