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The Father of the IBM PC Passes Away

On October 28, one of the giants of the evolution of the modern personal computer has passed away, no other than William C. Lowe. The IBM executive that pretty much fathered the IBM personal computer has passed away. Mr. Lowe’s contribution to the development of the personal computer and to modern computing cannot be underestimated. […]

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Apple Slaps Microsoft

In what could be the shot heard around the world, Apple’s Maverick operating system, the successor of Apple’s OS Mountain Lion, is completely free. This is a very exciting development for many reasons. First of all, it is a rehash of the mid 1990s when Apple was actually an open system. In other words, people […]

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Amazon Reveals Updated Kindle Fire

It’s very easy to be tempted to say that Google Android has the tablet market all sewn up. After all, the huge majority of all tablets sold currently run the Google Android operating system. Well, not so fast. Just because a particular OS or technology is on top today doesn’t necessarily mean that it will […]

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The Great Opportunities in Small Data

One of the biggest buzzwords in venture capital and startup circles is the concept of big data. Big data is all about the data aggregation of the activities of a lot of people and big trends and converting that into information that businesses can use. Big data is obviously quite expensive since it pulls a […]

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