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Sony Gets Rid of the Vaio

The Vaio notebook line used to be the caviar of notebooks and laptops. If you’re looking for a finely crafted piece of portable computing hardware, you only need to consider the Vaio. It truly was the envy of many laptop and portable computer users. Unfortunately, the notebook age is pretty much over. The new age […]

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Microsoft is Apparently Set to Name its New CEO

Apparently, Microsoft is slated to release the identity of its new CEO soon. A lot is riding on this leadership transition. This is going to be a momentous occasion in Microsoft’s history as a company. Steve Ballmer, the current CEO who’s stepping down, is really an extension of Bill Gates. Bill Gates, of course, is […]

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Intel’s Intel Inside™ Program Goes Cloud

Cloud computing is one of the biggest trends in technology today. Part of the reason why cloud computing is making such a big impact is the rise of tablet computers. As you are probably aware, if you use a tablet device, the actual software that you’re running on your tablet is actually very light. In […]

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