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Get Ready for the Impact of Flexible Phones

When South Korean electronics giants LG and Samsung revealed that they have come up with flexible displays, many people let their imaginations run wild. A lot of people started thinking that in the very near future, people would be able to fold their smartphones. Sorry, not going to happen. Others began thinking of a massive […]

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Believe it or not, Microsoft does have an email solution, you probably have heard of it— it’s called Outlook. Microsoft has taken Outlook to the cloud and turn its software as a service. For quite some time now, you can use your android phone to access your service. This is all well and good […]

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Apples iPhone 5S Sells Out on Its First Day

As predicted, Apple’s iPhone 5S has completely sold out on its first day. This is great news for Apple fans the world over and it’s definitely good news for people holding Apple stock. However, you have to look past the initial numbers. It’s not really surprising that Apple would sell out in its first day. […]

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Bustle Reveals Key Clues in Online Content Funding

How many times have you heard that the internet is going to kill newspapers? Even if you haven’t heard that, you probably would have felt the effect of online media destroying traditional newspaper publications. The truth is the carnage hasn’t stopped yet. Newspapers’ subscription rate and circulation numbers continue to tank. Make no mistake about […]

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Is Cloud Computing Just Hype?

It has been several years since the iPod launched and we all became familiar with the buzzwords cloud computing, cloud-based entertainment and cloud-based technology. However, just like with any mantra, the mere fact that it’s repeated a lot doesn’t necessarily mean that people actually know what it means and more importantly doesn’t mean they can […]

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