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Are We Living in a Video Game Golden Age?

The problem with self-congratulatory concepts like golden ages is that they are often of limited value except maybe for historians. They’re definitely of limited value for people living in such ages. Why? Time passes. Things are constantly changing. That’s part of what makes living fun. If you live in the present age, technologies moving and […]

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Flappy Bird to go Extinct

If you haven’t played the mobile game Flappy Bird, you’re missing out. It is one of the most frustrating games out there. You basically tap your touch screen to make a bird flap up to avoid a series of tubes. If those tubes look very similar to Super Mario Brothers, you are absolutely correct. And […]

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Is the Microsoft Surface Microsoft’s Salvation?

As we have reported earlier, the traditional PC and computing market is under a lot of stress. The source of that stress? Tablets. Mobile technology is slowly but surely eating up the formidable market share of traditional computing devices. This trend has impacted two of the biggest technology players in the market. We are, of […]

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Why is 3D Printing Something to Write Home About?

If you’ve been paying attention to this blog, you’ve noticed that we’ve spent quite a bit of digital ink. Talking about this hot new technology trend called 3D printing. It’s very easy to get excited about this trend. This particular technology can truly revolutionize the world. Today, if you wanted to hear a piece of […]

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