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Microsoft Increases SkyDrive Pro Storage Limits

As we mentioned earlier in a separate post, Microsoft, for all its problems under Steve Ballmer’s administration has some bright spots. One of those bright spots is cloud computing initiative. Office 365 which involves migrating the old local hardware-based software to the crowd has been registering several wins and is showing quite a remarkable traction. […]

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When can real crowdsourcing truly bloom?

Crowdsourcing. I’m sure you have heard of that word before. After all if you use the internet with any frequency the phrase crowdsourcing gets thrown out a lot especially when it comes to technology websites, gadget sites and technology news websites. Crowdsourcing just like could computing is one of those buzz words that seem to […]

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Grand Theft Auto 5 Achievements Revealed

You got to hand it to Grand Theft Auto! It has definitely evolved with game taste. Gaming concepts come and go but Grand Theft Auto does a good job of keeping up with the times. Take the case of achievements. While many gamers get excited by achievements, other gamers don’t really care much for them. […]

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Recent Gmail changes spooks email marketers

If you’ve logged in to your gmail account recently, you will now notice that there are these 3 weird tabs at the top of your email inbox. There is your general inbox and then there’s promotions tab and also a social tab. Gmail in keeping with Google’s relentless innovation has come up with these tab […]

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