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The Facebook Logo

What can Kill Facebook?

It’s easy to wish Facebook was dead. There are many companies and many players that would love to see Facebook go under. The reasons for these people to hate Facebook is as limitless as your imagination. Some people don’t like Facebook because they think it encourages narcissistic behavior, others don’t like Facebook because it’s a […]

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Twitter’s Spam Arms Race

Twitter initially ruled out an anti-spam filter with the help of research team from George Mason University and UC Berkeley. The filter works so well that Twitter was able to block 95% of spams sent from bogus accounts. Well, maybe Twitter was patting itself on the back too early because two weeks later the success […]

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Twitter’s Battle with Spam

If you think about it, you’re probably not going to make much money with Twitter if you just set up a twitter account and you just post links. In other words, you’re just spamming. You would be just be talking to avoid if you have no followers. You just basically wasting your time. You have […]

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Why You Should Be Careful of Penguin 2.1

As we’ve mentioned earlier, Penguin 2.1 is a big step up from Penguin. In fact, it’s such a big innovation regarding the original Penguin update that many SEO’s are really beginning to feel the pain brought by this latest update. If penguin 2.0 was such a major update that it needed at its own update […]

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SEO To Suffer A Major Blow In 2014

According to recent study regarding digital marketing spending priorities by big agencies and big companies, SEO manages to only barely make the top 10 of spending priorities. This is bad news. For the longest time, SEO was near the top of spending priorities. Why? When people are searching for a particular niche that you’re in […]

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New Botnet Hijacks Firefox For Hacking Purposes

You have to almost give it to Botnet operators and hackers. These people are extremely creative. They are always thinking and they are always innovating. One of the biggest innovations in botnet technology is Firefox add-on that looks very innocent. This add-on is marketed to Firefox users as a productivity tool that would help them […]

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