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Apple Tightens the Screws on Samsung’s Legal Victory

As we have written earlier, Apple won its lawsuit against Samsung for patent infringement. In particular, it won based on several patents. Most notably, the ability for a user to zoom in on an object by pinching an image on a touch screen, another patent when involves tapping the screen to zoom and to navigate. […]

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Judicial Confusion Regarding NSA Shenanigans

Well, the ACLU, the American Civil Liberties Union, has filed a suit against the NSA regarding its snooping activities. This is not the only legal case against the NSA. Well, interestingly enough, the most recent court decision regarding NSA activities has opened the door for confusion in lower federal courts regarding the legality of NSA’s […]

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2014 Brings LTE’s Benefits to a Wider Audience

LTE is amazing. LTE is a wireless communications protocol that increases the speed which mobile smartphone and tablet users can access the internet. Just how fast is LTE? If you think five 5 Mbps is fast, wait until you try LTE. We’re talking over 150 Mbps and that’s on the slow end of things. LTE […]

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Target Gets Hit with Lawsuits Due to Data Breach

We have reported earlier that the huge Targets store chain in the United States got hit by a data breach. Just how bad did it get? Well, we’re talking about millions and millions of credit card and debit card information stolen. To rub insult to injury, a lot of that information is now up for […]

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YouTube Content Flagging Drama Explodes

You don’t have to spend too much time on You Tube to quickly realize that there are a lot of potential copyright issues with You Tube. While it is arguably legal under the Safe Harbor Provisions of the U.S. Copyright Code to post snippets, excerpts or short clips of full on movies or TV shows […]

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Instagram Beats Facebook as Branding Platform

In a recent report regarding the branding firepower of four of major social media platforms on the internet, Instagram has come out head and shoulders against its competitors. That’s right, Instagram beats Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter when it comes to online branding. Before we go into depth as to what this study’s conclusion means, […]

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Firefox is not Dead after All

If you are a big follower of internet trends, you are probably aware that Google’s ‘Chrome’ browser has been exploding lately. More and more people has been discovering Chrome and switching over to it. Why the switch? First of all, Chrome is secured. A lot of the security and auto-install problems that used to plague […]

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Key Microsoft Search Executive Goes to Google

As if Microsoft needed more bad news in regards to its search business. As you are probably already aware of, Microsoft is not doing terribly great in the search market. After a huge marketing push and a $100 million advertising budget,, failed to make much of an impact against Google. Google is still the […]

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Wearable Cameras, The Internet, The Law And You

Blogging your life is not exactly a new trend. People have been trying to do this for a long time. In fact, many text blogs have been around forever where people just blog their daily activities. Twitter is essentially a life blogging device and many people do exactly this. They pose tweets regarding stuff that […]

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