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What Will Be Hot in 2014? Software!

If the past is a trustworthy guide to the future, it looks like the best move will take place in the realm of software in 2014. According to the annual report released by MoneyTree, of the total venture capital invested last year, 37% went to software. This is the highest percentage that has gone to […]

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Microsoft opens Chinese Open Technology offers

Microsoft? Open source? Normally you wouldn’t see these two phrases together in one sentence unless it is Microsoft calling open source into question or open source activists denouncing Microsoft. But, in the cloud computing space, it seems that this system is rapidly fading in the rear view mirror of most enterprises. If you want to […]

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Another Google Project Bites the Dust

You can’t win all the time. That’s the only saying that comes close to encapsulating the latest project shutdown announcement from Google. As we have reported many times before, Google is growing in terms of market presence and technology innovations and initiatives lately. It’s branched out into robotics. It’s branched out to hardware. It’s exploring […]

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Goldman Sachs Recommends Twitter as a Stock Buy

A lot of people are rolling their eyes regarding the recent announcement by Goldman Sachs that it is recommending Twitter with a target price of 65 dollars. This is nothing new. Most investment banks roll out recommendations and stock buys to people who are following that particular investment bank. Most recommendations usually don’t get much […]

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SnapChat’s Lack Of Apology Raises Eyebrows

Usually, in corporate America, whether you’re in Silicon Valley or outside of it, apologies are required when you screw up. If you screw up in product design, it’s a good idea to tell the public that you’re sorry. If you screw up in terms of distribution system or distribution glitches, it makes all the sense […]

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