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Circa Mobile App Makes News Easier

One of the problems with most news apps is that they tend to blast you with lots of news in a small amount of space. Since your mobile device, whether it’s a smart phone or a tablet, only has so much space to play with. The whole experience feels pretty much like trying to take […]

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PressFriendly Rolls Out Virtual PR Firm

One of the biggest hassles of a technology startup is getting the word out regarding your particular technology. Whether you have a mobile app, or you have an online game, or you have software or a new website, getting the word out there can be daunting. Why? There are millions of other companies such as […]

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Vungle Secure 17 Million Dollars in Funding

Backed up by no other than AOL, Google and other technology industry heavyweights, the video advertising startup, Vungle, has raised 17 million dollars. Vungle is actually quite an interesting company because it tries to make money off mobile apps. It doesn’t just run ads as you play the most popular apps on your phone, instead, […]

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Will ObamaCare popularize telemedicine?

Let’s face it. The affordable care act of 2013, also known as ObamaCare, is set to revolutionize how health care is provided in the United States. While many of its critics say that it is really just a fancy scheme to get the younger Americans to bankroll the health insurance of older and sicker Americans, […]

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Gmail Now Allows Automatic Pictures

For the longest time, Gmail and many other web-based e-mail providers have disabled showing pictures by default. This, of course, has everything to do with security. Many security and anti-spam operations figured out that one of the best ways to deliver their payload, which is basically a URL in front of a million of eyeballs, is to send a picture. You have to send links because they are […]

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