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Was Steve Jobs Really All That Awesome?

If the tech industry had a patron saint, it would really be a blow up. Only one name and one name can even come close to tech sainthood and that name, of course, is Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs’ biography, his personal style and his company summed up everything that was existing, appealing and sexy about […]

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CSR Announces the World’s Thinnest Keyboard

Regardless of which tablet you use or mobile phone you have, one of the biggest irritations and annoyances users of these devices encounter is mistyping text when you are trying to send a message. Regardless of how awesome the user interfaces, there’s simply not enough room for a hundred percent error free typing. Think about […]

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Yahoo Buys and Shuts Down Mobile Ad Firm Admovate

In keeping with Yahoo’s technology based shopping spree, Yahoo bought out Admovate. This is quite an interesting acquisition because immediately after the buyout, Yahoo closed down Admovate. This is obviously a move to get the technology as well as the talent behind Admovate. Yahoo is not interested in operating Admovate as a separate business unit […]

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Yahoo Logs More Visitors Than Google In July

You have to really feel good about Yahoo shareholders. There’s a certain electricity in the air among owners of that company because let’s face it, Yahoo has been on a downward slide since the bad old days of Jerry Yang. It went through one short-lived CEO and managed to land former Google hedge honeshow Marissa […]

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