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Google to pay fine to spain for privacy invasions.

Google Slapped with Spanish 1.2 Million Dollar Fine for Privacy Violations

Spain has a privacy watchdog and it has moved to slap global search engine giant with a 1.2 million dollar fine. The offense? Breaking Spain’s data protection laws. Moreover, the watchdog says that Google seriously infringed on Spanish citizens rights. The Spanish privacy protection watchdog is called the data protection agency. This agency has found […]

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Getting a Job with a Family-Owned Business

Usually when people want to get jobs, they’d like to get a job with a fast rising company. In their minds a fast rising company doesn’t care about your family affiliations or who you know. In most people’s minds, the definition of a fast growing and dynamic company is a company that hires and promotes […]

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The Myth Of The Instant Sale

If there is any one online marketing myth or internet myth that can set you back in terms of making money, it is this: “People buy based on one view of your ad.” Nothing could be farther from the truth, how about a complete crop? How many times have you been in the internet and […]

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