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Obama Lays Out NSA Reform Plan

Although President Obama did not say that the NSA’s activity will be shut down or will be greatly limited, he did say that there will be key reforms. One key reform regarding NSA activities is that the NSA will stop spying on America’s allies. As we have reported earlier, America was put into a particularly […]

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Zynga’s Woes Continue with Shutdown of Yoville

Zynga, the biggest name in social gaming, is, of course, well known for Farmville. But did you know that Farmville is actually a later spin off of an earlier game. That’s right. If you’re a big Farmville fan, you would be pleased to know that Farmville is actually based on Yoville. Yoville pioneered certain game […]

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Is Google Flights Search Up for a Reboot?

As you probably already know, in the tech space, all sorts of business models go through many different phases. Obviously, everybody could relate to the roll out phase when we are treated to a whole new service. However, in the light of any typical online website service product, a market feedback would often necessitate key […]

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2014: The Age of the Bots

According to a recent estimate by online traffic tracking company, Incapsula, upwards of 61% of the total website traffic on the planet is fake. That’s right. Fake. Fraudulent. Bogus. Thanks to a wide network of zombie computers, botnets and compromised websites. It has become increasingly difficult to tell real traffic from fake traffic. Of course, […]

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