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Can You Really Buy Your Way Into Innovation?

The question posed by the title of this blog post is not an empty question. In fact it is a very big controversy in the technology world and can make or break companies. If you are like Microsoft that generates billions of dollars every quarter and basically has a huge digital bank account, you can […]

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Was it ever a good idea to purchase the mobile part of Nokia ? Who was responsible of making that call?

Microsoft Might Have Shot Itself in the Foot With Nokia Buyout

It’s kind of interesting how Microsoft’s buyout of Nokia’ s cell phone hardware business took place. One would think that before the buyout, Microsoft strategists would look at how it would impact Microsoft’s existing licensing technology with other big named mobile phone manufacturers like Samsung or HTC. One would think this would be the case […]

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Yahoo Closes its $1.1 Billion Buyout of Tumblr

It was the news heard across the tech world. Everybody who had dreams of putting up a start-up and getting acquired for millions and millions of dollars got a shot in the arm and a healthy dose of encouragement when Yahoo dipped into its massive piggybank and made a $1.1 billion buyout offer to Tumblr. […]

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Does the rise of blackhat sites mean the ‘pornification’ of make money online digital products?

As cheesy as it may seem the make money online or online marketing or internet marketing or information marketing segment of the global online content pie is quite huge. We’re talking several hundred million dollars or even billions of dollars. People the world over are looking to make money online whether they are looking to […]

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Mobile App Start-ups: The Darth of Crowdsourcing Apps

As we keep mentioning here, crowdsourcing is the next big thing. I know we may sound like a broken record but it’s true. Crowdsourcing is the future, there’s just a lot of frustration about crowdsourcing because a lot of people think that it’s already happened while a significant number of people say that it hasn’t […]

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New Twitter Update Improves Context-Based Content

If you’re using Twitter as a search engine, you’re not alone. In fact, many people use Twitter professionally. People use Twitter not just to communicate with other people or microblog, but they also use Twitter as a search engine. If you think about it hardly enough, Twitter is actually the best search engine out there. […]

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