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Facebook’s look back video blows up

If you’re looking for a case study on how viral Facebook can be, you need not to look any further than the recent spread of the Facebook look back video. This is an app that you can use to make short videos of your existing photo album. On it’s face, it’s quite a low quality […]

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Is Apple Going To Move Into The Healthcare Space?

The health care industry is huge. We are talking about one-sixth of the US economy. That’s a huge chunk. It appears Apple wants to take a bite off that industry. Well, according to industry rumors, the Cupertino-based hardware giant is in talks regarding entering the mobile medical application space. In fact, the Food and Drug […]

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Is E-commerce Coming To Twitter?

One of the biggest concerns that investors were regarding to Twitter’s IPO boils down to dollars and cents. Where’s the money gonna come from? Twitter is basically another ad-funded social network site. Big deal, says many investors. Still, its stock is still high up there and a lot of people are wondering when the stock […]

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Facebook Poised To Launch Paper

There’s a lot of buzz online about this mysterious project called Paper that is being finalized deep in the bowels of Facebook. As with other mysterious projects that may disrupt existing layouts and user experiences, there’s a lot of anxiety about Paper. This is very understandable, after all, Facebook’s time line has gone through many […]

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As reported in december Target was hit by some sort of hacker attack where credit card information was leeched by 3rd party, the dust is starting to settle and another picture is showing itself.

The Target Hacking Meltdown Continues

As we’ve reported earlier, the huge American chain department store, Target, became a victim of a hacker attack and this was hardly an isolated incident. Target, along with Neiman-Marcus chain stores, is just a couple of the stores that were a part of a large-scale hacking operation. It appears that bits and pieces of this […]

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