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Twitter Product Head Honcho Leaves the Company

Usually, when you start seeing top executives of a company hitting the exits, it’s usually not a good sign. Well, it appears that the recent announcement of the departure of Michael Sippey from Twitter might not fall into that classic mold of an executive exodus. Usually, an executive exodus is a massive red flag because […]

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LivingSocial’s Bad Luck Continues

You really can’t use another phrase to describe the fortunes of a company that has seen the vast majority of its founders leave the company except “bad luck.” Back in 2010, LivingSocial seemed like it had a lot of things going for it. After all, the daily deals space was red hot. Venture capital funds […]

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Windows 8 was a total disaster in both revenue and user happiness. Latest rumor to come back is a full 180 and something called Windows 9.

Microsoft Rumored to be Working on Windows 9

As we’ve reported earlier, Windows 8.1 was a major reversal for Microsoft. Imagine spending millions of dollars hyping up a new product, mobilizing your sales marketing force, getting your partners excited, then launching the product and getting owned. This is precisely what happened with Microsoft. It encountered massive push back regarding the metro interface of […]

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