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Samsung’s Android Strategy

Samsung is already the world’s biggest manufacturer of TVs and mobile phones. It is fast building a distinct brand for quality hardware. So far so good right? In fact, many people look at the smartphone marketing battlefield as two camps: Apple on one end, Google and Samsung on the other end. The bottom line is […]

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Teads Gets $5.2 Million Funding

Make no mistake about it, video advertising is hot; we’re talking white-hot and this segment of the global industry market is slated to double to around nine billion dollars by 2017. Currently, the size of the overall video market is 4.14 billion. Video ads are hot and that’s why startups that specialize in serving up […]

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Appsee Raises $1M for Mobile Intelligence

There are so many ways to make money off mobile. The most obvious way is to create a mobile app that serves as a gateway between the app users’ offline reality and waking experiences and the power of the internet. This is put into play with apps like HandyBook, BetterDoctor, Uber and Airbnb. The other […]

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BetterDoctor Raises $2.6 Million

One of the biggest draws and opportunities for mobile apps is that they let you connect your mobile everyday waking reality with the power of the internet. In other words, when you’re moving around and living your day to day life and you encounter challenges and issues, you can easily whip out your mobile device, […]

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Marc Andreessen Clears up A16Z Investment Strategy

There’s a lot of digital dust kicked up in the air when the Wall Street Journal released an interview of a partner at Andreessen Horowitz, the powerhouse venture capital firm. The partner in question , Scott Weiss, left some people with the impression that Andreessen Horowitz is trying to back away from consumer company startups […]

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Making fun of Microsoft? Not today! Apple tastes the blue screen of death

How Things Change : The Apple Blue Screen of Death

For the longest time, Apple fanboys had a field day with Microsoft. After all, Microsoft was the number one operating systems maker in the world and as a result, Microsoft has fair game for all haters of all things at Microsoft. People make poke fun of Microsoft for a whole variety of reasons. Firstly, people […]

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Google Rolls Out Penguin 5.0

Usually, when Google launches a new upgrade or algorithm regarding its search engine, a lot of search engine optimization companies quake in their boots. Many people still haven’t recovered from the carnage caused by Panda and Penguin. Many websites lost their livelihoods because of these updates and guess what, the updates will continue to come […]

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