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YouTube comment marketing all turns on ROI

How many times have you heard in online marketing forums that people are making money off Youtube? While you would be justified and correct in dismissing much of these claims as hype or puffery to push the latest and greatest Youtube spam-related software tool, the truth is people can make money off the biggest video […]

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Apple Doubles Down on Sapphire Technology

If you have a smartphone, you would notice that the surface of your phone is made out of glass. Yes, that clear crystalline surface where you could see the display of your apps and that you can tap to make certain things happen in your phone— simple enough right. Well, it looks like Apple is […]

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The Good News Doesn’t End With Twitter

We already know that Twitter raised almost $2B with its IPO. At $26 a share, the stock went on to zoom close to fifty dollars. It basically brought back memories of web 1.0 and pleasant memories of buying a stock at twenty and waking up a millionaire the next day because the stock hit a […]

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Reactive Programming Is Making Waves

Make no mistake about it, if you want a job, the hottest field to go into now is programming. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for programming work in America is going to grow by twenty two percent. The problem is there is not enough supply. The reason for the lack of […]

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Silk Road Ressurecting

A lot of people were shocked when the online illegal drug dealing platform, Silk Road, was shut down by the US Federal Bureau of Investigation a few months back. People were shocked not so much that it was shut down. What they were shocked is that it took so long. Silk Road was a hidden […]

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Machinima Highlights Referrals of YouTube Popularity

YouTube has a content partnership program where if you create videos and those videos are popular you make money off those videos. How? Google, YouTube’s parent, runs ads on your videos. If your videos are generating enough ads, this can translate to a nice chunk of change. While some people would look at their YouTube […]

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