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Uber doing all the wrong things when admitting to aggressive marketing tactics. Read on for the details but we think this is wrong on so many levels.

Uber Admits Aggressive Tactics

Uber, the highly popular ride sharing mobile app-based company is at it again. Uber has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. First and foremost, there’s a report of a fatal accident involving an Uber driver. While we have said before that even though this accident is tragic, it shouldn’t really take the […]

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Is Cloud Computing Becoming a Race to the Bottom?

Usually when we mention the phrase race to the bottom, the two things that immediately come to mind are computing and mobile technology. Based on the recent behavior shown by market leader, Amazon, and big time challenger, Microsfot, you can put cloud computing on that list. Microsoft has announced that it is going to go […]

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Will Facebook Die by 2017?

To paraphrase the legendary American comic writer, mark Twain, the news of Facebook’s death is greatly exaggerated. Usually when academic powerhouses like Princeton, Harvard and Yale release academic papers, the world stops and listens. That’s due to the fact that these institutions are highly credible and very well-respected in all circles. Be that as it […]

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Samsung Feels the Pain of Smartphone Reality

Don’t say we didn’t warn you. We have already mentioned repeatedly that the android-based smartphone market is a race to the bottom. It has to be. First and foremost, the operating system is free to manufacturers. So what will happen is that since the software is free that the battleground shifts to the price of […]

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