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A Dead Bitcoin is a Good Bitcoin

Bitcoins and cryptocurrency, in general, have been in the news a lot lately. Sadly, a lot of these news is often negative news. We know that bitcoins are used to buy illegal pornography like child pornography. It’s also used to buy illegal drugs online. Increasingly, bitcoins have been associated with illegal online activity. Be that […]

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How to Search for a Tech Job the Right Way

In the United States, there is massive unemployment. Sure, the official unemployment figures have been going down recently but the reality on the ground is quite dismal. The number of unemployed college graduates have been increasing. The number of people moving back in their parents after graduating college has reached an alarming level. The United […]

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iPad Still the King of the Tablet Market

The numbers for 2013 sales for personal computing devices in the United States have come out and it seems like the Apple iPad is still at the top. Interestingly enough, sales for desktop computerss and notebook computers have shown a huge decrease in volume. While windows notebooks used to account for 42.9% of all computing […]

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Xylem Turns Software Verification Into A Neat Game

One of the most interesting trends in technology is the trend called Gamification. Gamification involves turning activities that usually take a lot of effort and a lot of brain power and analysis and conscious thinking into something fun. Instead of looking at a task as something that is a hassle and something that you just […]

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Is the SmartWatch the Next Frontier For Wearable Wireless?

A lot of people are obviously justifiably excited about the prospect of wearable wireless. After all, this technology allows people to collect information regardless of what they are on the planet. More importantly, they can sort this information through the powerful software resources of the internet and access different pools of data to come up […]

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