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Zynga Lays Off 314 Employees

This is painful news. As you probably already know, the US economy is kind of schizophrenic. Certain parts of the economy is just growing like gangbusters. If you don’t mind working in a very cold environment and dealing with natural gas and oil, you are sure to have a job in North or South dakota. […]

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Instagram Blew Up in 2013

A lot of people broke their necks when Facebook announced that it was buying Instagram, a 13 person company, for 1 billion dollars. This was right around the time Facebook became a public company. Well, it appears that that move wasn’t so crazy after all. Instagram is just blowing up in terms of users. It […]

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Why is Facebook is Blowing Up?

Facebook has released its numbers, and if you are a Facebook hater or skeptic, you might want to sit down while you read this. You might also want to whip out a box of tissues and stop thinking about the Facebook stock that you did not buy. If it makes you feel any better, we […]

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Web Conversion Theories are Often Wrong

You don’t have to read a lot of online marketing and Internet marketing blogs to get a clear idea of what the conventional knowledge is on making more money online. According to conventional knowledge, if you want to convert a traffic into cold hard cash in your wallet, you have to have a simpler site, […]

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Microsoft Twitter Account Hacked

What do you have when the Twitter account of one of the biggest software corporations on the face of the planet issues a tweet instructing you not to read Microsoft emails? Very simple. The account got hacked. Thanks to the Syrian Electronic Army, Microsoft’s official Twitter account, Microsoft News got hit. Not only did the […]

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Target Data Breach Origin Identified

As we have reported earlier, the huge retail chain, Target, was hit hard by hackers. Hackers stole millions of customers credit card information. In fact, the theft was so thorough that a lot of concern was raised regarding the eventual illegal usage of these credit cards. At the very least, many target customers were inconvenience […]

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The big apology everyone was waiting for from Snapchat seems to have happened, if it

Snapchat Finally Figures Out How to Say Mea Culpa

As we have mentioned earlier, the temporary picture and media sharing mobile platform Snapchat, raised a lot of eye brows recently. It wasn’t so much the data breach regarding its members that got technology industry observers talking about Snapchat. Security breaches can happen to the best of us. They are a big headaches and they […]

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