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Symantec Autumn Coupon Code 15% Off

Symantec and offers U.S. customers 15% off any symantec product with coupon code USNORTON15. We’re happy to announce that we currently have an exisiting coupon code that can be used until the 2014 coupon codes are released. This coupon code is valid until November 15th, 2013 and customers can take 15% off their Symantec […]

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How to Spot and Prevent Being Fooled by Email Spam and Malware Attacks

What happens when you mix the direct personal connection of email with the sneaky propagation tactics of spyware? An explosive spread in trojan horse infections and compromised global network security. Malware and spyware authors have successfully piggybacked on spam mail methods to spread their annoying and costly payload. This resource describes how spammed security threats […]

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Do-it-yourself Data Recovery

It is every computer user’s worst fear—a black screen with the eternally blinking cursor. On Windows systems, this is called the “blue screen of death”. Even after repeated reboot attempts you go back to the same black screen or a blue screen that says there’s been an error. Just the thought of all the data […]

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Avoiding extortion schemes that use fake antivirus or malware programs

Mysterious gangsters threatening violence are the usual images that come to mind when the words “extortion” or “protection racket” are mentioned. Alarmingly, the online world has fallen victim to similar strong arm tactics used to separate people from their hard earned money. Unlike the real world where gangsters physically threaten business owners to pay “protection” […]

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What are torrents, computer threats and illegal sides

If you download illegal copies of copyrighted software, movies, or music using torrent sites, you may be exposing your computer and yourself to serious network security and legal problems. In this resource, eReviewGuide covers the problems posed by torrents and how employing Internet browsing “best practices” can reduce your exposure to serious harm. Torrent software […]

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Web Browser Resource and Essential Information

If the Internet is the Information Superhighway, your browser is the car you use to navigate this global digital highway. Just like with your car on a physical highway, your experience on the Internet can be greatly affected by your choice of browser. eReviewGuide discusses the major browser packages and examines key criteria you need […]

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