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Appcelerator Acquires API Specialist Singly

One of the biggest trends in technology is not very well publicized. It’s very easy to get excited about consumer-based companies like Facebook, making headlines and growing like gang busters. However, behind the scenes there is a silent revolution going on. It used to be that technology was all about closed systems and specialized software. […]

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TripAdvisor Gobbles Up GateGuru

In another exciting piece of acquisition news in the startup space, travel heavyweight TripAdvisor has bought out GateGuru. This is a great buy for TripAdvisor because it allows the travel content portal to beef up its airport and flight information offerings. GateGuru is one of the leaders in the travel information space when it comes […]

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Nanotechnology Gets a Big Boost With the Achievement of the Fastest Man-made Spinning Device

One of the big drawbacks for nanotechnology is that there are certain mechanical processes that you have to replicate at a submicroscopic level for you to create functional machines. While it’s fairly straightforward to pass electronic charges and do some other operations, one of the biggest hurdles is to spin objects. Why is this a […]

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Will Apple’s iPhone Trade-In System Have Legs?

Maybe it’s just in recognition of the fact that everybody pretty much knows on a subconscious level that the US economy isn’t as hot as it looks or it may just be Apple’s reaction to competitive pressure from players like Samsung and HTC. Regardless of the real reason, Apple recently displayed movements indicating that it […]

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