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Fresh from the shelves taste the new Nero 2015 Platinum

Nero Platinum 2015 released

Nero 2015 Platinum launched – a complete digital media suite software.

Nero Platinum 2015 is here and just a few days old and available for all the major windows OS’s. Previous Nero Platinum was all you could think of for organizing, creating and editing media and was good for families, small businesses and youtube account holders. If you were of high school or college age you’d probaby look excitingly on the streaming capabilities or rip and conversion settings.

Why on earth would anyone want Nero 2015 Platinum?

Here’s a few tasty features of the new version and alot more:

  1. Convert your Video-Discs and Audio CDs* and even Ultra HD (“4K”) Videos straight to any mobile device or cloud storage.
  2. Sort your photos and videos based on places you visited (“Geotagging”).
  3. Ultra HD (4K) video editing for cinema quality videos.
  4. Stream your videos, photos and playlists to any device, now including Android™ and iOS.
  5. Burn high quality Discs (CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays) with world‘s best burning engine.

Another top reason for aquiring Nero 2015 Platinum is ofcourse if you’re a confirmed geek, so don’t sit around and wait and take it for a spin today.