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IBM Launches Strategic Bridge Technology to Public Clouds

As more and more players enter the cloud computing marketplace, there is a very real danger that the market would be crowded with all sorts of proprietary technologies. After all, each cloud player will have its own software, its own API and other proprietary tools. This can result in complete bedlam for companies as they get certain functionalities from different parts of the public cloud. The good news is that somebody has their eye on the ball. This somebody of course is no other than technology juggernaut IBM.

IBM has long been a champion of open source technologies when it comes to cloud computing. It is using jump gate, its middle-ware technology to bridge different public clouds with the fast emerging open source cloud technology OpenStack. OpenStack promises to simplify cloud computing. Instead of having to deal with like this huge array of proprietary cloud technology, OpenStack makes cloud technology easier by having one platform. Unfortunately, this poses a serious problem because many cloud player already have their own proprietary technology. This IBM approach allows them to use OpenStack through a jump gate. It is of course an interim solution. Eventually, everybody should go on to OpenStack with their own specific drivers and flavors but at the end of the day the core of their cloud implementation would be OpenStack. This is a brilliant move by IBM. Why? It allows them to control the protocol and control the flow of technology innovation in the highly lucrative and fast evolving cloud computing space.