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Are We Living in a Video Game Golden Age?

Unity Engine is a great piece of app for game developers.

Unity Engine is a great piece of app for game developers.

The problem with self-congratulatory concepts like golden ages is that they are often of limited value except maybe for historians. They’re definitely of limited value for people living in such ages. Why? Time passes. Things are constantly changing. That’s part of what makes living fun. If you live in the present age, technologies moving and evolving so quickly thinking that you are living in a golden age really just offers cold comfort and doesn’t really bring much value to the table. Be that as it may, a lot of people are saying that we are currently living in a video game golden age. How come? First of all, the quality level of video games has dramatically improved. If you think Grand Theft Auto San Andreas was awesome, wait until you play The Last of U by Naughty Dog on the PS3. It will completely blow you away. If you’re looking for awesome game play or stories, The Last of Us is just amazing. When it comes to writing and story lines and dialogue, the latest Grand Theft Auto release 5 will knock your socks off. If you’re looking for extreme creativity, you only need to play Minecraft and really be blown away by the almost limitless combination of possibilities you can come up with in your own virtual world. If you are looking for developmental processes that produce high-quality games at low prices, you only need to look at the move by the video game industry towards the Unity Engine.

The Unity Engine

The Unity Engine enables game developers to cherry-pick functions using video game app store that developers stack. The way the unity engine works is that developers would come up with high-quality functions and place it in the app store. The developer would then pick certain behaviors and certain features for their games using apps through a plug and play model. Why does this make game development cheaper, faster and produce higher quality? Well, instead of having to code everything from scratch, you only need to use this engine to select from a wide range of existing apps. Also, by shopping from an app marketplace, there is a high level of competition between the developers producing these apps. You can rest assured that you would have the most interactive and the most powerful apps at the lowest price. Unity Pro is yours for a one-time fee of $1500 or $75 per month, it’s your call.

This is a welcome change from how video games are currently being done. Titles like Call of Duty, Battlefield and others require huge teams and eat up millions of dollars. We’re talking over 20 millions dollars. With the move towards the Unity Engine and an app-based or api-based video game development philosophy, development teams can decrease their costs, not having to hire many people and focus on ideas. In short, they can focus on creativity instead of incurring all these costs having a huge manpower footprint. The hottest up and coming and cutting-edge game companies can focus on having a small core team that focuses on bringing new ideas to the marketplace and having plug and play developers fill out the rest. Based on these reasons, we are convinced that we are truly living in the golden age of games. Of course, this all depends on how long these trends persist. The more open and the more flexible the game development environment remains, the longer we’ll stay in this golden age of game development.

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