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Yahoo and Yelp might team up for local search result listings

In what can only be viewed as good news for shareholders of Yelp, Yahoo is rumored to be in talks to feature Yelp listings for local search results. This can explode the amount of page views Yelp will enjoy for its content and, most importantly, for its advertising. What does Yahoo get out of it? Yahoo gets to improve its search results and offer more value to end users. On a very superficial level, this is obviously a win-win situation.

According to reports, this partnership was revealed by no other than the CEO of Yahoo Marissa Mayer at a staff meeting. This is a brilliant move on Yahoo’s part because Yelp offers lots of interactivity and a lot of value in terms of content that searchers are looking for. If anything, this provides a serious pushback against Google in the local search space.

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