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NSA Says it Collects Only 20 Percent of American Calls

In what can only be described as an insult the National Security Agency (NSA) says that it only collects 20% of total US calls. This may seem like cold comfort for many people who have just been scared out of their wits by recent revelations of government intrusion in private communications. The truth is 20% of all US calls is still 20% too many. The NSA has really broken new grounds as to the amount of ways they can intercept private communications. They have broken new grounds as to how clever the government can be in intercepting otherwise highly confidential personal communications. While this 20% figure might make some people feel more at ease, the truth is this revelation shouldn’t make anybody comfortable. The NSA should be more specific, targeted and focused on its surveillance programs. While nobody would have a problem with the NSA targeting calls overseas, people should be worried when our own government is spying on us with our own domestic calls. Moreover, the blanket surveillance grid that the United States government has created should give anybody who values their own personal freedom cause to worry.

This is bad news. The government shouldn’t have all this power. If they are so concerned about protecting the Americans from the threat of terrorist’s attacks, why are they not doing more to crack down on child pornography, illegal on-line sales and other scourges of the Internet? Still, even with such a noble target the governments on-line efforts should follow strict protocols that ensure maximum individual freedom.