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NoWait Lets You Wait for Restaurants from Your Phone

One of the most frustrating things about eating at a restaurant is that you have to wait. The more popular the restaurant is, the longer you have to wait. What makes this frustrating is that you could be doing more productive things while waiting. Ideally speaking, you could be getting your clothes out of the cleaners, driving somewhere or taking care of business while you are waiting to get seated at a restaurant. The worst thing you could do is to actually be there and wait for the maitre d’ or the concierge to seat you for several hours and throughout all this time, you are playing Flappy Bird or some ridiculous mobile app game. Well, the good news is there is a new app that gets you line up for restaurants without being there. NoWait lets you manage your restaurant wait list. The host will create the wait-list online and will notify you by text message when your table is ready. The great thing about this is that you can call ahead to get put on the wait list while you’re still on the road. Instead of wasting all this time waiting, you can do all sorts of errands and get a notification, and you show up at the restaurant. The Achilles heel of this mobile app is that there may be some jokers who would try to get on the waiting list with no intention of actually waiting for a table. This pretty much eats up table space that could have gone to other diners. The good news about this is that if automated well enough such risks disappear. Why? You have to confirm, and your table automatically gets reassigned to somebody else if you don’t show up by a certain time.