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Sony Gets Rid of the Vaio

The Vaio notebook line used to be the caviar of notebooks and laptops. If you’re looking for a finely crafted piece of portable computing hardware, you only need to consider the Vaio. It truly was the envy of many laptop and portable computer users. Unfortunately, the notebook age is pretty much over. The new age of course is all about tablets. That’s the reality that it appears Sony has subscribed to. Sony sees the handwriting on the wall. It never really made much big money off the Vaio line. If anything, the product line was more of like a vanity project for Sony. Well, it appears that the harsh market realities of tablet computing have caught up with Sony, and it has announced that it will be scrapping the Vaio line. This is really very sad news. A lot of people such as myself have used Vaio computers in the past. There are many fans of its sleek lines, its superb graphics and its overall value. Unfortunately, thanks to the race to the bottom that the current tablet market has ushered in, the days of high priced tagged notebooks and laptops are pretty much over. It would be very interesting how Lenovo can survive in the current business climate. It is a changed landscape. Why? People’s expectations have changed. People are looking for apps that conserve processing power, and they are willing to fore go a lot of the heavy processing muscle that laptops bring to the table in exchange for a lower price. That’s the name of the game. It’s very hard to buck against that trend. It will definitely be interesting how Lenovo can come up with a winning strategy regarding fast changing consumer taste.