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PressFriendly Rolls Out Virtual PR Firm

One of the biggest hassles of a technology startup is getting the word out regarding your particular technology. Whether you have a mobile app, or you have an online game, or you have software or a new website, getting the word out there can be daunting. Why? There are millions of other companies such as yours trying to gain the attention of people that matter. These are people that can give you the funding that you need to take your technology from idea to a commercial launch. Moreover, the public relations industry can be a confusing maze of clashing egos, conflicting agendas and personalities. It is very easy to get the public relations game wrong. Public relations is not just about launching a press release. It’s not just about launching a press release. It’s not just about filling out a form and mass blasting your PR to lots of media outlets. If you do it this way, chances are, unless you have a compelling story, your message will eventually fall between the cracks.

PressFriendly pretty much automates the process of building PR relationships. It knows that one key headache that technology startups have is having to deal with PR agencies. These agencies are not cheap. PressFriendly automates the process and gives startups ala carte approach to public relations. The Achilles heel of this type of business model, however, is that it becomes really like some sort of automated mass blasting tool. It’s fairly easy to turn this into a spam tool where you just click a button, and your PR gets blasted all over the place. Real relationships between the PR practitioner and key contacts at certain news outlets. Moreover, it involves riffle shot approach where you cherry-pick different niches and identity really influential and credible people in those niches. When you cultivate these relationships, you get your message in front of the right eyeballs. These eyeballs are the ones that can really make a big difference, whether your startup gains a certain level of credibility. In fact, this can mean the difference between getting millions of dollars in funding from venture capital firms and just being ignored by the industry outright.