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Facebook’s look back video blows up

If you’re looking for a case study on how viral Facebook can be, you need not to look any further than the recent spread of the Facebook look back video. This is an app that you can use to make short videos of your existing photo album. On it’s face, it’s quite a low quality and superficial video. After all, there are no live action sequences, there is no narration, there is no voice over and there’s not even much editorial control. Given the power of video to move people’s emotions, many look back videos on Facebook are nothing short of amazing. They take seemingly static Facebook photos and come up with a very nice montage of past events in your life. This is very illustrative of Facebook’s social network viral marketing aspect because the people who would be interested in your video are your friends. These are the friends that would show up on the photos. In short, they have an emotional investment in watching your videos and most importantly clicking on the ad that comes with the video and show them how to make their own look back video.

Given the emotional trigger involved, it is not surprising to see how this app can blow up. It can quickly connect people because it appeals to their self interest. People would like to see themselves in videos and this quick and easy tool will help them build videos that would pull in other friends into their network and make their own videos as well. It is no surprise that this app has taken Facebook by storm and all it needs to achieve this level of traction was to appeal to a small percentage of Facebook users. Whether you’re trying to market a product, service on Facebook or trying to champion a particular cause, it is quite instructive and useful for you to watch any of the Facebook look back videos in your network and see how the process works. Maybe you can get some idea on how to spread your concept and branding message through the use of video.