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Facebook is Not Going to Die after All

As we’ve previously reported in the previous week, a research team at Princeton university released a very interesting study. Using statistical methods that borrow from how disease epidemics are spread, the Princeton researchers said that Facebook would be essentially dead by the year 2017. Of course, Facebook’s fans were just shocked by its conclusion. A lot of people were saying that this can’t possibly be true. Of course, there are already existing signs that this might pan out. Why? More and more teenagers are just burning out off Facebook. Many teenagers are just leaving Facebook and using Instagram, Snapchat or other more mobile social media tools. In a survey done on the online tech magazine, ZNET, readers were asked what they thought about Facebook’s future. Interestingly enough, 50% of respondents said that Facebook was basically going to go belly-up in the future. Based on all this information, Facebook is pretty much going the way of the dodo bird right? Not so fast, according to another study from another institution of higher learning, Carnegie Mellon, Facebook is not going to die. The researcher, Bruno Ribeiro, used information from Alexa and other sources to see how Facebook is going to fair in the future. According to his analysis, the number of updates members make on their accounts is a good sign of how healthy social network is. Based on this and other information, Ribeiro is predicting that Facebook will not just fail to die in 2017 but will continue for quite a long time. This is quite a welcome break for many fans of Facebook, and I’m sure people who are selling Facebook’s stock short would think this is bad news. The reality is that nobody knows how long Facebook will stick around. Technology changes almost overnight. What may kill Facebook in the future might not be technical issue, it may not even be a demographic issue, it may be something completely unrelated like new attitudes that combine with a perfect storm of other factors. Regardless, you better believe it. Technology will continue to change, and Facebook better keeps up.