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Serious Flaw Found in Facebook Apps

One of the interesting things about Facebook is that it has many on platform apps. In other words, this is a third-party software that is used to work within the Facebook environment and make full use of different Facebook’s functions like accessing your contact list, posting on your wall and other social functions. This has made Facebook quite powerful because many different developers can come up with all sorts of games, productivity tools, publishing tools, content tools that would use this app’s infrastructure to offer a great value to Facebook users.

Well, that’s the promise. The problem is the benefits come at very steep price, thanks to a security flaw found by an Israeli-based app security company called MyPermissions. MyPermissions was doing a stress test on different apps on Facebook when it noticed that in certain situations, you cannot revoke the permissions you give to an app., In other words, once you no longer trust a particular app and want to evoke its permissions to access your account and do stuff with your account, revocation has become impossible. This problem appears in the mobile version of Facebook. You get a generic error screen when trying to revoke the permissions you’ve given a particular app. Well, it looks like Facebook is taking this seriously because this is a serious security threat. The last thing Facebook would want is for developers to code an app, have people install it, and then people can longer revoke its permissions. In the meantime, the original developers of the app can then do all sorts of funky stuff with the app.

This is a serious hole in Facebook’s mobile game. As we have mentioned earlier, Facebook is quite touchy when it comes to its mobile game strategy. It’s really stepping up its mobile game, and it wants it to be as smooth as possible. This is why Facebook’s stock is so expensive because it has, by all indications, shown that it has mastered the mobile game. This revelation by MYPermissions is a slap in the face of Facebook in light of all the progress it has been making in the mobile arena. It is no wonder that Facebook is taking this threat seriously and is getting to the bottom of the matter.