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Flappy Bird to go Extinct

If you haven’t played the mobile game Flappy Bird, you’re missing out. It is one of the most frustrating games out there. You basically tap your touch screen to make a bird flap up to avoid a series of tubes. If those tubes look very similar to Super Mario Brothers, you are absolutely correct. And this is precisely one of the reasons why this game is getting so much heat. A lot of people are complaining that this game’s mechanics, its game play and even its design looks very similar to previous games. Well, regardless of the similarities, it seems that Flappy Bird is doing things differently enough for it to achieve the level of success those previous games have been enjoyed. Seriously. This game has been downloaded 10 million times and is making 50,000 dollars a day in advertising revenue. This is a seriously successful game folks. Unfortunately, the lone developer of this game, Dong Nguyen, has announced that he will be pulling the game. A lot of Flappy Bird fans are quite upset because they have become quite addicted to the game. We predict that Mr. Nguyen will still continue to make a lot of money off Flappy bird. While it seems like he will no longer make it available from the app stores, there’s still a huge number of installed games out there, and he will continue to make 50,000 dollars a day from those games. Moreover, he has been dropping hints that he does make other games on Twitter. This does seem to indicate to at least suggest he might come up with a future game that will not get as much heat as Flappy Bird. It remains to be seen if he is going to be get sued over Flappy Bird due to the claimed design similarities with previous games. Regardless, Flappy Bird is hot. It is extremely simple. A lot of people say it’s a stupid game, but it’s completely addictive. Why? Because it’s extremely difficult. It remains to be seen whether Flappy game successors, if any, lived up to the success of the original.