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Will Apple’s Next Crop of iPhone’s Sport Sapphire Touch Screens

The current wave of smart phones uses Corning’s Gorilla glass technology. Gorilla glass is very light, but it’s also very powerful so you can do all sorts of things with your touch pad without having to worry about being scratched.

With that said, it’s still not tough enough apparently for Apple. This is why Apple has invested lots of money in sourcing sapphire raw materials. Well, the whole notion of the sapphire iPhone is gaining a lot of traction at least when it comes to the online technology rumor mills. The company apparently has bought equipment that enables the mass production of sapphire crystal screens. Why should you be excited about sapphire? First of all, besides the awesome blue tinge of this glass material sapphire is extremely scratch resistant. We’re talking very scratch resistant. Anybody who has put their keys in their pockets with their smart phone will definitely appreciate the value of scratch resistance. Even those thin plastic films that you buy in the after market have screen protectors can’t hold a candle to the power of sapphire scratch resistance. The end goal really is for people to abandon such a cheap trick like thin plastic films and just used their iPhone without a case.

It should be very interesting how this sort pans out because this will involve lots of expertise on Apple’s part. Moreover, one figure to keep watch on is how many sapphire screens are produced for one sapphire screen to pass quality control filters. Of course, the more Apple perfects the manufacturing process, the cheaper the screens will be.

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