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Apple Boots Last Bitcoin Mobile Wallet from App Store

In what can only be seen as either a strategic move or a protective move, Apple has kicked off the last mobile bitcoin wallet from the Apple app store. Keep in mind that there are bitcoin apps remaining in the app store. There are bitcoin apps that let you track the price of bitcoin. There are bitcoin apps that do other things with bitcoin. The only thing that is missing from the Apple app store are apps that help you keep an electronic wallet of bitcoins. Why is this? Over the years, Apple has eliminated many similar apps, and it appears that it has finally, with its latest move, completely cleared itself of mobile bitcoin wallet apps. There are two ways to interpret this. The most obvious way of course is to just repeat the reason that Apple computers have been saying all along. Bitcoin is a dangerous territory. This crypto-currency is being used to buy drugs online, buy illegal content like child pornography, in some anecdotal cases, even being used to get people assassinated. It’s bad news. Why? People use crypto-currencies for illegal activities because it cannot be tracked. It is very hard to pin down and matched with other encryption technologies. It is very easy to have a thriving underground economy online using bitcoin. A little bit of aside here: crypto-currencies are not going away.

Here’s a newsflash to Apple computers. If they think that crypto-currencies are bad news, think again. The truth is, for as many illegal uses’ crypto-currencies may have, there are many legal uses for it. People love crypto-currencies because it protects them from the government. Government can spy on your on-line purchases. Government could spy on the stuff that you’re doing on-line and crypto-currencies really protect many people’s assets as they go about their business online. It’s no wonder why bitcoin went from a few fractions of a penny to several thousand dollars in value. Regardless of its value fluctuations, bitcoin is not gonna go away. Crypto-currencies are not gonna go away. They are a fact of life. Unless the powers that be come up with an Internet that is more secure and protective of people’s privacy. Let me just get that out of the way because there might be people thinking that with this move by Apple, this might be another nail in bitcoins coffin. Nothing could be further from the truth, bitcoin and crypto-currencies have taken a life of their own. They have a specific trajectory. They are going their own way.

Now, what makes the latest move by Apple very interesting is that as we have reported last week, Apple is rumored to be working on a payment platform. This payment platform is for mobile payments. A lot of critics of Apple’s bitcoin wallet move are saying that instead of shielding itself from legal liability, the latest move by Apple is really to shield itself from competition. Of course, this analysis can only be correct if Apple’s rumored payment platform accommodates crypto-currencies. I guess only time will tell once that payment platform rolls out then we will see if all these pet theories are correct or not. Regardless, if you’re looking for a mobile wallet for bitcoin, the Apple app store is not the place to look. With that said, interestingly enough, the mac OS version of the desktop bitcoin wallet of the same app is still alive. Kind of makes you wonder right?

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